Travel Bug

We are currently in the heart of winter, and the cold, wet weather has me daydreaming about visiting a warm sandy beach with a cocktail in hand, or perhaps being on a snowy ski slope with my best friends, snowboarding all day until we finally retreat to our cabin to spend the night hot tubbing and dancing to Usher. Either way, I think a winter vacation is long overdue!


After the busy holiday season, I think we all tend to get back into our grooves with work and get so busy with normal routines that we forget to take much of a break. I know I’ve felt this myself. The days are shorter this time of year, we “just don’t have the time” to do some of the things that truly make us happy and this can sometimes result in a winter slump. Taking a vacation this time of year probably isn’t the first thing on most people’s minds, but I think it should be somewhere on the list!

IMG_0401 A winter vacay doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive. It could just be a weekend spent a few hours away from your hometown with friends or your sweetheart (Valentine’s Day is coming up). Recently, I had the opportunity to do just this with my besties and my sister. Sometimes all you need is just some quality time with the ones closest to you. Activities don’t necessarily matter, since we have no matter what we are doing, but a little wine tasting never hurts! This time away is so important for your relationships, whether your friends or significant other. It puts everyone in a different frame of mind and allows you to step away from the normal stresses and potential monotony of your every day life.

I encourage you to plan a winter vacation of some kind! Whether big or small, plan a trip that gets you out of your normal routine and allows you to spend quality time with loved ones. Reconnect with yourself and with them. It’s so important to get a little refresher every now and then, even in the cold months!