Planting Hobbies

There is something about the promise of sunny days and spring air that makes me want to get some plants in the ground. Living in Humboldt County, our winters sometimes seem to drag on for eternity. The long, wet, gray days get a little bit ominous, and as soon as we get a beautiful sunny day, I find myself headed straight to the garden shop to get my seeds and starts! (I should preface this with the fact that I am by no means a green thumb. I’ve killed more plants than I’ve grown, definitely.)


Because I am so ready for spring to show itself and for winter to go back into hiding, I tend to jump the gun so to speak when it comes to planting. I usually rush things. (Gardening may not be the most ideal hobby for me since patience is not easily a virtue of mine.) I’m really a novice at vegetable growing. I started last year and became hooked. This year, I planted seeds rather than starts. My thinking is that I can get them in the ground sooner than starts and forget about them for a few weeks while we ride the rest of this rainy season out. I have no idea if this method will be successful. “Trial and error” is my life motto.


Even though I am not always successful in my gardening endeavors, I still enjoy it deeply. I am always so excited to plant new flowers in the front yard, to see the new colors and textures. Veggie growing is another animal, and I love the challenge of growing all different types of food. I feel like there will always be something to learn with a hobby like this. There will always be variety and variance between seed types, weather variations, watering patterns, etc. A good hobby is one that doesn’t get monotonous over time. I don’t think I will have a problem with this one! I think Charlie enjoys it, too!



What is a hobby of yours that will continuously push you to improve over time? Do you have anything that you absolutely love to do, even if you’re not particularly good at it? Maybe you share the same love for gardening with me! I’d love to hear. Let me know what hobbies hold your passion!